Scholarships are a big part of our mission to support students. Our scholarship programs are designed to encourage and support high school students to work hard and attend college. We believe that education is the key to building stronger communities. In order to support that belief, we provide financial support to high school and college students with financial needs. 

We’re here to help. The Rainey Day College Foundation provides scholarships up to $3,000 per year, along with ongoing mentoring, advising, networking opportunities and college support.

The Rainey Day College Foundation Team will offer a service to review essays for high school students, to help with college admissions and scholarships. Our team will provide valuable feedback to make sure you are on the right track. This program is in our pilot (trial) phase for students of Camden City, New Jersey and surrounding areas. Exceptions will be made for students in Harford County, Maryland.

Students must:

1. Be from Camden, NJ (or Harford County, Maryland)

2. High School Junior or Senior

3. Applying for college admission

4. Applying for scholarships

**The Rainey Day College Foundation team will not complete the essay for students, but will provide valuable feedback. We will not assist with RDCF scholarship essays. Those reviews will be a part of the scholarship application process. This service is being offered to assist students seeking additional help.**

Rainey Day College Foundation, Inc.